5.4. Exceptions

Classes used to represent client and server side exceptions.

XgtError(msg[, trace])

Base exception class from which all other xgt exceptions inherit.

XgtSecurityError(msg[, trace])

A security violation occured.

XgtArithmeticError(msg[, trace])

An invalid arithmetic calculation was detected and cannot be handled.

XgtConnectionError(msg[, trace])

The client cannot properly connect to the server.

XgtFrameDependencyError(msg[, trace])

The requested action will produce an invalid graph or break a valid graph.

XgtInternalError(msg[, trace])

Intended for internal server purposes only.

XgtIOError(msg[, trace, job])

An I/O problem occurred either on the client or server side.

XgtNameError(msg[, trace])

An unexpected name was provided.

XgtNotImplemented(msg[, trace])

Raised for functionality with pending implementation.

XgtServerMemoryError(msg[, trace])

The server memory usage is close to or at capacity and work could be lost.

XgtSyntaxError(msg[, trace])

A query was provided with incorrect syntax.

XgtTransactionError(msg[, trace])

A Transaction was attempted but didn't complete.

XgtTypeError(msg[, trace])

An unexpected type was supplied.

XgtValueError(msg[, trace])

An invalid or unexpected value was provided.