1.1. Installing the Client

xGT is a two-part tool: a client and a server. The xGT server is an engine for analyzing large-scale graph datasets which typically runs on a powerful machine equipped with a large memory. The client is a thin Python library that can control the server from anywhere. This allows xGT to be integrated easily into existing data analysis pipelines regardless of their location.

xGT requires Python 3.7+.

Additional PyPi packages are installed when installing xGT. A list of these packages can be found here: Python Environment.

1.1.1. Installing from PyPi

pip install xgt


python -m pip install xgt

To get a specific version, say 1.4.0:

pip install xgt==1.4.0

1.1.2. Installing from a Distribution Tarball

pip install /path/to/dist/xgt-X.Y.Z.tar.gz

1.1.4. Verifying Installation

For a quick verification, this should be run on the same system as the xGT server.

import xgt
print('Client version: {}'.format(xgt.__version__))

server = xgt.Connection(host = '')

print('Server version: {}'.format(server.server_version))

A much more thorough verification of both the xGT server and the client can be done by running from the quick start guide: Quick Start Guide. It uses the xGT client to create a graph, load data to it, run a query, extract results, and finally remove the graph.

The full API reference for the xgt package is also available here: Python API.