2. BYOL with the Docker ImageΒΆ

It is possible to manage a licensed deployment on-premises that uses the Trovares xGT Docker image instead of installing from an RPM.

The Running with a Custom Configuration section describes how to run a Docker container with custom configuration settings. One of those settings can be the license file itself.

The first step is to go through the process of obtaining a license file as described in License Management System. There are two exceptions to the procedure described for obtaining a license file:

  1. The location of the license file is the host filesystem location described in section Running with a Custom Configuration.

  2. There is no need to install the application from an RPM; the application is run as a Docker container.

After initially setting up a host filesystem with a $PWD/conf directory, copy the obtained file license to the $PWD/conf/licenses/xgtd.lic location and relaunch the Docker container.